Why The Next Decade Is Pivotal for Car Innovation


If you’re aware of Uber’s billion pound deal with Volvo, then the fact that part of the fleet will be kitted with the self-drive functionality comes as no surprise. This is set to happen before 2020, which means that the technology is already in motion, and the autonomous vehicle is set to heat the streets sooner than we thought possible. This sets the tone for other innovations to take flight. Discover what the future has in store.

Car InnovationThe Boring Company and Los Angeles Traffic

As part of the daily commute, gridlocked traffic is a hot topic as it diminishes the quality of life and the efficacy of basic transport services. Thankfully this issue has tickled the heart muscles of innovator and renowned businessman Elon Musk. He is at the helm of the Boring Company, which is developing plans for a subway system for vehicles, and autonomous vehicles also play their part. The traffic flow system is said to work autonomously as well to promote both efficacy and speed.


The Increase in Vehicle Value Thanks to Data Points

The value of vehicles has long been a source of frustration for vehicle owners as they don’t seem to hold other assets. The depreciation could change in the future thanks to new rating scales or the use of data points to determine the value of the vehicles. There are several different aspects to look at when determining the price of a vehicle, which is why reliable appraisal guides are of paramount importance. With autonomous technology, there is no doubt that these vehicle valuations will need to be adjusted to incorporate the technology and how it differentiates these vehicles from those on the road now.

Other Technological Advancements to Look Forward To

Autonomous advancement is not the only thing to look forward to in the next few years, as other advancements will fast forward the future into the present. Biometric access to vehicles and the ability to interchangeable body panels for those who long for different driving experiences are on the cards. Petrolheads can also look forward to a new era in supercars, and fitness fundis will have access to vehicles that monitor their health.

The daily or weekly commute is about to get a lot more interesting, and with some trends already hitting the showroom floors, technology is set to be at the heart of customer satisfaction. These trends are just the beginning, and before long, gridlocked traffic and safety issues will be a distant memory.