Everything you should know about Scott Mendelson


You know, seventy percent of all things are seen. Most of our world understanding comes from watching, observing, learning, and mimicking—the hours we spent as a child learning how to read. A foundational requirement, every human has to go through their reading lessons.

Most of our information is written by other human beings. These special super-powered humans are known as writers. Just a little ego boost there.

But it is true. We learn how to read and gather most of the information we need by reading. And for us to read about something, someone else must have collected that information before us, analyzed, interpreted it, and presented it. One such person who regularly engages in educating his fellow individuals is Scott Mendelson.

And in this article, we will be digging into what little we could find about this human being, who has kept his personal life a very well-kept secret, making the digging much more difficult than we had anticipated.

For all the collection of information that writers do, they are surprisingly tight-lipped when it comes to themselves. Though reclusiveness makes them excellent writers, it makes the job of writing about a writer, as we mentioned, a bit more complex than we would like it to be.

Why Geared Lifting? - Scot Mendelson

So, Who is This Scott Mendelson?

Scott Mendelson is a reporter for one of the renowned companies in the world, Forbes. He is also touted as one of the most clever people alive and an impartial judgment observer, which is a huge compliment to receive in this field.

What makes a media content writer is an authenticity and reliability they offer to their audience. Writing content that you know would sell is rather simple, but that doesn’t reflect positively on the writer.

Scott manages to stand out from the crowd due to his practice of sticking to writing meaningful content.

He is praised for the work he has contributed to John Carter. Scott Mendelson is also credited for his summarization skills and work ethic.

As someone who stole my dream job and is living the “It” life according to the envy of several other writers, Scott Mendelson is surprisingly absent from the spotlight—making it all the more difficult to hate him. Don’t mind me; let me wallow about my sour grapes for a while longer.

His bio in Forbes, I repeat, the Forbes homepage reads that he has been an active observer of the field for nearly thirty-odd years. He states that he had extensively studied the film industry from an academic and informal viewpoint. He also says he is more involved with box office analysis and has been part of the writing community.

“My outlets for film criticism, box office commentary, and film-skewing scholarship have included The Huffington Post, Salon, and Film Threat. Follow me at @ScottMendelson and “like” The Ticket Booth on Facebook,” says Scott Mendelson.

Scott Mendelson does not slack off with an average of at least two or three articles published almost every day. He is considered a gem in movie and TV show reviews, and honestly, there is not much of any new content that goes past without receiving an honest-to-god review from everyone’s favorite critic.

His Twitter account quoted, “So you disagree with something I wrote? That’s okay! I write around 100 posts a month, many of which are heavily editorialized/opinionated. I’d be creeped out if you agreed with me 100% of the time,” it is difficult not to like him.

Check out Scott Mendelson if you need genuine reviews about the movie or the show you want to watch.