Relocating? Here’s How UrbanClap Came to My Rescue


Relocating is a tough task, even if it is within the city. A couple of months back, we too decided to relocate from Noida to Gurgaon. Unfortunately, my husband had to leave for an office tour on a fateful day. Though a frantic Google search for movers and packers Gurgaon got me several results, it was challenging to verify the right ones. Luckily, I stumbled upon the UrbanClap app, which had all the services I was looking for.

As we all know, relocating to a new house throws up several challenges. It would help if you dealt with a new neighborhood, friends, etc. To add to that, all the unpacking also needs to be done, but without any of your friends to help you out. Thankfully the UrbanClap app took on the role of a best friend, helping me handle all these challenges effortlessly. Here are a few services that helped –

· Movers & Packers

RescueAs opposed to my Google search for movers and packers, Gurgaon, which got me several unverified vendor options, movers and packers in Gurgaon on UrbanClap, offered a more secure deal. Upon researching, I learned that UrbanClap had a policy of listing only verified professionals and has a robust customer care cell. I downloaded the app and specified my requirements, location, and dates. Within minutes the formidable task of organizing the packing was sorted!


· Electrician

Before relocating into our new pad, we needed to install new lights and fixtures. Unaware of any trusted electricians in that area, I turned to the app again and looked for the kind of electrician needed. I was thrilled with the services offered. I had tons of switch points to be fixed, and even the geyser needed installation. The electrician was quite helpful. He was not only good at his job but also tremendously polite.

· Carpenter

Getting a carpenter to make new kitchen cabinets and a shoe rack was on my agenda. But being new to Gurgaon, I didn’t know where to find one. So, I turned to a mobile marketplace again. The carpenters arrived on the specified date, and the carpentry job was completed in a jiffy. I was also pleased with the kind of products he crafted for us. The cabinets not just looked pretty but also met all our requirements.

· Interior designer

Finding a good interior designer in a new place and that too within a shoestring budget seemed impossible. But with apps like UrbanClap, I got an attractive deal within our budget and without comprising the quality. I specified my requirements and then picked a suitable budget option. I was thrilled with the interior designer I picked. She was extremely innovative and also made a note of my suggestions. The end product was exactly what I desired.

· Driver on demand

Getting around in a new city can be tough. I always prefer letting someone else drive me around. Thanks to technology, I didn’t need to wait for someone to help me out. The driver was polite and efficient, and I was super happy with his services.

What worked for me?

I have, till now, shop for many services on the mobile marketplace, and I have not been disappointed. I came across UrbanClap by chance, and it perfectly worked for me. The app is simple and easy to use. , Shopping for services here is as easy as buying groceries at a mall; everything is bang on the requirement and within the budget.