SEO Tools: Most Popular One Have Been Picked


There are various tools involved and used during search engine optimization. These could be either paid or free. Some of the common and popular SEO tools are:-

SEO ● Spider Simulation: This tool would stimulate a search engine that would display the webpage’s contents exactly as would during a Google or Bing search through crawling. It would also display the link that a search giant would follow.

Search Engine Optimizing toolbar: – Over 400,000 Webster’s use this toolbar. But why is there a huge number of programmers? As a Firefox toolbar, the toolbar pulls out many data points that are very useful for marketing. Therefore, it gives us an overview of a competitive highlight scope of the market.

● Duplicate page checker: – Your data content could be similar to the internet content. While using anti-plagiarism software, you could be caught. This tool could determine the similarity of contents between various pages.

● Keyword tool for Suggestion: – It is built on a customized database. It also links the volumes searched.

● Backlinks Builder tool: – You can build several varieties of backlinks. It can search keywords like Adding a site, a link, URL add, and URL submitting.


● Redirection Check: – This tool ensures that the redirecting is friendly with a search engine or has proper search engine compatibility.

● Cloaking Check Tool: – The tool scans and detects if the website’s content is cloaked. Some website developers make their content cloaking, making fools of visitors. This tool helps in catching this.

● Meta Tags for description: – Search engines sometimes use Meta tags for description, which would help to click through with rating. There could be a single sentence to several sentences. Every page must have its unique Meta tag for a proper description. Meta tags would help in differentiating your webpage from other competitors.

● Rewriting URL Tool: This tool will help you convert your dynamic web pages.

● Keyword Density Analyzing Tool: – The main aim is to keep the core focus low. A high-density keyword would increase the chances of the page getting filtered, whereas a low-density keyword would decrease the chances of filtering pages.

● Keyword Typo generating tool:- It would help you generate low, competitive keywords so that your money could be saved on Advertisements from PPC

● Robots.txt:- It would alert and inform the search engine to interact with the content indexing process. Search engines are mostly very greedy. They would always index the best quality information as much as possible and keep crawling until you tell them. These search engines may also allow you to set crawling priorities. But there is a customization option for setting out the level of your priorities in Google Webmaster. The search giant has the highest market share in search. Microsoft and Google are also allowing the use of wildcards in the files of Robots.txt.