Taking your business mobile in 3 Easy Steps


The majority of you will probably understand the growth and importance of m-commerce, but do you know just how influential this has become in the commercial marketplace? To put the popularity of m-commerce into context, it is interesting to note that 62% of Americans who use a mobile phone are open to purchasing with their smartphone or tablet, with the corresponding rate for the UK only slightly lower.

business mobile How to take your Business mobile in 3 simple steps

With this in mind, businesses that operate mobile have access to a large, motivated, and captive marketplace. Here are three steps to achieve this quickly and profitably:

Optimize your website for mobile usage

This is the first and most crucial step, as there is little point in targeting mobile consumers if your website is not optimized for the channel. Websites that are not optimized or equipped with responsive design tend to be difficult to navigate on a smartphone while also featuring too much written content and taking an excessive amount of time to load. Therefore, you must optimize your site for mobile use while also using inexpensive plug-and-play platforms that create a separate mobile site in the meantime. Focus on achieving a maximum width of pixels in the long term while also ensuring that your use of branding remains consistent at all times with Web Posting Pro.


Understand how your customers use their mobile devices

With a viable website that has been optimized for mobile usage, the next step is to analyze your consumer’s habits and determine how they use the e-commerce platform. This will require some data collation and analysis, and you should commence the process by either utilizing a free online survey service or issuing an email questionnaire to customers. You can also use analytical CRM systems to identify patterns in consumer behavior before applying this to your mobile strategy and tailoring your approach.

Empower employees and drive their mobile experience

Whenever we talk about the mobile experience, we usually apply this to the customer journey. It is also important to consider the employee experience too, however, as these are the individuals who will implement your strategy and represent the brand when dealing with mobile customers. This involves everything from agreeing on acceptable policies around device ownership to imparting data regulations, and you may well benefit from partnering with enterprise mobility experts such as Logicalis. These service providers offer support throughout the process, helping you deliver an improved ROI on your mobile investment.