Why Should You Opt for Automated Testing for Your Android App?


Unlike other popular mobile working structures like iOS and Windows Phone, Android is open supply. Google has released its cellular operating system beneath open supply licenses. This feature makes it less difficult for cell device producers to get the right to and customize Android’s source code to supply distinct user enjoyment. But the openness of the mobile platform makes it important for builders to ensure that their cellular applications feature flawlessly on distinctive devices and a couple of versions of Android.


There are also some motives why you must opt for computerized trying out of your Android app. As an app developer, you ought to enforce a complete cell application testing method to launch a worm-unfastened utility. However, you may both check the app manually or automate the checking-out efforts. A variety of stories have highlighted how an app developer can supply an excessive high-quality product and get better returns by automating his Android software checking out. At the same time, you may additionally automate your cellular checking out efforts without investing much cash.

7 Reasons Why You Must Opt for Automated Android App Testing

1) Apps Must be examined on Many Devices


The Android gadgets completely differ from each different. Each tool is designed with distinct display length, decision, form aspect, processor instructions, and Android model. Likewise, a few devices are designed with special capabilities like the front digital camera and outside keyboard. So you need to ensure that your app runs easily on many gadgets synthetic by exclusive businesses. The automatic checking out gear will make it simpler to evaluate the app’s overall performance across many gadgets without setting any more time and effort.

2) Apps Must Run on Different Versions of Android

Apple lets customers upgrade to the modern model of iOS without changing their iPhone, iPad, or iPod contact. But the Android customers have to change their current cellular gadgets to get entry to the most recent version of the mobile running device. Often users take time to migrate to the latest model of Android. That is why; your cellular app has to be compatible with special variations of the cellular running system. You can use trying out equipment to evaluate the app’s performance as it should be across different versions of Android.

3) All Tests should be finished with the aid of the Deadline

You want to perform a spread of exams as part of the checking-out manner to assess all capabilities and functionality of the Android app. Also, this kind of exam should be completed within a stipulated time frame to shorten the time to the marketplace. When you automate your testing efforts, it becomes simpler to finish all exams within a shorter quantity of time. Also, you can use the equipment to execute the exams often and again and again to become aware of all flaws or defects in the application. The quick crowning glory of checks will assist you in lessening the time to market.

4) Deliver a High Quality and Flawless Android Application

To get a better ROI, you want to discover methods to increase the range of app downloads. Nowadays, the profitability of every mobile app is immediately impacted by way of its satisfaction and consumer revel in. Each person expects the app to carry out flawlessly on his cell tool and platform. So you need to check all elements of the Android app to become aware of all defects and performance troubles. Trying out equipment permit you to pick out and attach all flaws inside the app within a shorter quantity of time. Thus, you may automate the checking out efforts to enhance the app’s satisfactory and personal experience, for this reason, get higher returns.

5) Option to Use Open Source Android Testing Tools

Android App

Often developers ought to spend money on each software and hardware to automate their mobile testing efforts. But you continue to have some options to evaluate the Android app very well without investing an additional budget. You have the option to pick out from numerous checking-out tools for Android. There is some open-source testing equipment that includes superior and progressive features. For example, you can remember using a number of the famous open-source cell trying out gear for Android like Robotium, Monkeyrunner, Appium, cylindroid, calabash-android, and Uiautomator. You can use that equipment without paying any licensing charge or royalty whilst availing of the assistance of a massive community.

6) Option to Reuse Test Resources

You also have a choice to reuse the test sources across more than one initiative. You can reuse the check scripts for numerous initiatives with the minimum renovation. Also, you may, without problems, increase the test insurance without requiring any extra time. Some cloud-trying-out structures will let you run greater exams without investing in a server and other checking-out gear. Thus, your preliminary funding in testing tools will assist you in checking numerous Android apps without growing undertaking overheads. Also, you have to set up fewer manual testers as guide testing efforts had been reduced notably.

7) Save Both Time and Money

Often cellular app developers ought to discover ways to store each time and money. When you release a malicious program-loose Android app, it will be less difficult if you want to sell it on numerous platforms. The ideal person revels in a will and makes the software popular thru word of mouth of customers. So you may, without difficulty, earn extra app download revenue and get higher ROI. At the same time, the automation of Android app testing will further help you to lessen the time to market, regardless of going for walks all tests. Unlike guide testers, the test automation tools can efficiently perform all exams faster and more efficiently. Also, the tools supply greater reliable and accurate test outcomes to help you to make vital decisions. Thus, you have to automate your Android, trying out efforts to store each time and money.

However, you have to prepare the automatic Android app to reap benefits in phrases of money and time. That is why; you ought to make and implement a custom-designed testing method to streamline the entire manner. Also, you have to search for Android app testing pleasant practices to get extra reliable check results and release an ideal utility. The first-rate practices will, in addition, make it simpler to be able to increase the check insurance without delaying the product launch.