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10 Tips to prepare for painting your workspace

10 Tips to prepare for painting your workspace

Repainting your business doesn’t just provide a new look. It means revamping your brand and influencing how your clients and customers view you. This requires a lot of thought as this will directly impact your customers. The kind of color you choose, the finishing, and the budget are important considerations. Most importantly, you want to get decor that reflects your company’s work and style and that people like returning to it. So here are some tips on preparing for a repaint of your company-


  1. Make a list- The best way to do any work is by preparing a list and keeping track of things when there is much to do. List all the work that must be done, including the painting area, what you liked and disliked about the previous paint job, the budget, and time.
  2. Get repairs done before paint- Paint only looks good on a smooth surface. So ensure that all repairs, such as cleaning, scrapping, hand sanding, and the like, are done before the painters are called in. Some situations might require hiring a third-party contractor to repair extensive structural damage and rotten complexes.
  3. Decide on a color palette– You could opt for consultation for a color scheme and type of paint or decide on a theme yourself that compliments your work environment and services.
  4. Ask for a written estimate– Free quotes are a norm these days. After a professional painter meets you in person, they should always provide a free, no-obligation written quotation and any other information to help make you a well-rounded decision.
  5. Inform our employees– Inform them in advance if the interior walls are also to be painted so they get enough time to complete or reschedule their tasks.
  6. Keep the neighbors informed- Since repair and paint jobs come with a lot of dust and smell, keep your neighbors in the loop so they can take some precautions to keep their homes safe from dust.
  7. Prepare the interior- Ensure you remove all the small, fragile items like electronic devices, pictures, glassware, etc., to prevent any damage before the painters come in. Also, check that all the windows can be opened easily.
  8. Prepare the exterior for work- One way to speed up your project is by preparing the surroundings. Trimming the landscaping a little would be very helpful. Ensure the water fixtures are in good working condition for any water requirements. Check the exterior electrical power outlets for power tools and designate a safe and easily accessible area where painters can leave their tools and materials.
  9. Consider Rotten Wood and Drywall Repair- Professional painting contractors who offer these additional services can provide small carpentry jobs such as repairing and replacing structural and decorative wood components and drywall.
  10. Discuss health and safety issues- Whenever you hire professionals to get a job done, always ask for details such as the license, insurance, warranty, product kind, quality, and safety guidelines and procedures in place.

CP Painting is located in Mississauga, Ontario. They have been in the painting business for over ten years. They currently provide residential (Home Owners) and Commercial (Office, Business Clients.) painting services to Mississauga and surrounding communities. They are well known for delivering long-lasting paint in high-traffic areas with minimal dust or inconvenience.

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