4 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Nursing


It’s no secret that nursing can be a lucrative career if you’re willing to undertake the training and education required to get started. Many people shy away from pursuing a career in nursing because they’re concerned about the level of commitment required. While these concerns are valid, nursing is actually one of the most reliable fields you can enter into. With that said, here are four reasons to consider a career in nursing:

1. There’s a Nursing Shortage

First and foremost, many states have nursing shortages, which means they don’t have enough nurses to meet the region’s healthcare demand. This means that you’ll be able to find open positions in most places, so moving to a specific city or leaving your community for your career is not usually necessary. Furthermore, online programs are being developed to address the shortage of nurses, so even after you’ve become a registered nurse (RN), you’ll be able to graduate to higher levels from home (i.e., earning a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) online from Bradley University).

 Career in Nursing

2. Rising Demand

Despite ongoing educational and recruitment efforts, reports indicate that the current nursing shortage will only worsen. Likely, there will still be a shortage by the time you finish earning your doctorate in nursing practice if you choose to go that route in the future.


3. Hospitals Are Everywhere

As the population expands, we will continue seeing more hospitals and healthcare facilities popping up to accommodate the demand. Very few towns do not have access to a nearby hospital, so you shouldn’t have to worry about finding a place to work, regardless of where you live. This also means that your options for relocating are open if you do wish to relocate.

4. You Can Earn a Degree Online

Attending a physical university might be too much of a burden for busy students trying to juggle their work and school schedules. Online nursing programs are becoming increasingly common as universities are developing IT systems to address the aforementioned shortage. There is now an abundance of online learning programs designed to put you on the fast track to earning a degree in nursing.

Picking a Reliable Career Path

Finally, a key reason you should consider a career in nursing is that it truly is a reliable career path. If financial stability, job security, and keeping your location options open are high on your list of priorities, you won’t regret becoming a nurse.