5 Reasons why everyone’s buying the Maruti



Maruti is in Indian markets since one of the longest time periods. Ever since their first variant released here in India, the Maruti 800, they’ve been a constant sight to the consumers in the marketplace looking to upgrade or purchase their cars be it sedans or SUVs. The brand, talking generally, doesn’t need an introduction while being portrayed in the industry. On top of that, the amount of satisfied customers has made it extremely hard for competitors and newcomers to grab the market capture that has been over time built and gained by one of the largest brands in India. They even have partnered up with a Japanese brand – Suzuki – to provide their customers and buyers with the best vehicular experience there is. Here’s an introspective on why people still prefer buying vehicles from the Indian giant – Maruti Suzuki – including why they keep putting up these huge sales numbers year after year.

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The five reasons

  1. Service and Parts – Maruti is very widely known for its post-sales service provided to its customers. While a lot of firms take this section very lightly, Maruti excels at this. Every part of every particular vehicle can easily be found anywhere in the country, even in the remotest corner. Of course, this is only possible because of Maruti’s policy regarding standardization over the past years of them being in the industry. Such service standards just reassure the client and he’s bound to choose Maruti over and over again just for the after-sales service and treatment.
  2. The experience – Every Maruti Suzuki cars is fun to drive. Not only is it super easy to get used to, but the overall similarities in the driving also makes customers go back to Maruti. While of course, switching from a sedan to an SUV is definitely going to take time, the overall comfort and reliability you get while driving your new vehicle feel extremely similar to your previous sedan. Handling and steering are top-notch (expected from a leader). This makes it easy for the customer to choose Maruti every time. Switching from the sedan to a new sedan is just the same. You essentially get the same or sometimes even better-driving experience in a car with new features, new feel, and new externals.
  3. Affordability – All the transports manufactured by Maruti are extremely affordable while also being viable by even the lowest section of the Indian community. While the company has its own range of expensive cars, the diverse outreach in the marketplace has helped it in gaining a huge amount of customer trust and industry grab of the years. Maruti Suzuki cars really are cheap, relatively and comparatively.
  4. Reliable – One of the main reasons for Maruti’s success if that its vehicles are extremely reliable in times of need. They simply don’t give up on you when you’re trying to meet your deadlines rushing from location A to location B. Besides, they’re easy to drive.
  5. Brand name – Over the past couple of years, Maruti has established itself as a big industry leader, and in certain cases even as a trendsetter. Over time, they have worked hard and gained people’s trust which is extremely important for a company to survive. People now simply buy their cars based on their massive brand name due to their goodwill.

All the above reasons are just small reflectors of how Maruti Suzuki cars have slowly taken over the Indian markets to gain the number one spot in family transports and ‘multi-utility vehicles’.